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Annual Membership Meeting

Annual Membership Meeting Minutes, July 23, 2016.

Mark Douglass, Treasurer, AIWF Wichita Chapter, called the meeting to order at 7:00.

Mark thanked members for attending and explained that the Chapter became incorporated beginning January 1, 2016 as 501(c)3 organization. The 2015 board agreed to remain on board for 2016, with exception of Denis Dieker, Treasurer.

This slate was distributed to membership (80) by email for approval. Five % of the members shall constitute a quorum. Twenty-one % of membership responded.

Board members will be on a rotating term system: 1/3 serving 1 year; 1/3 at 2 years; 1/3 at 3 years.

Mark expressed the chapter is looking for interested people to be on the board. Three folks signed up to be considered.

Tony DiStefano motioned to accept nomiees, Andrew Baker & Scott Sarver seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimoisly.

Adjourned 7:11.

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